Editorial Staff, Fall 2017

Meghan Flinders-Peay •

Meghan is a senior working towards her BA in Creative Writing and Writing Studies with a minor in Digital Media. She has previously served as the Managing Editor and Prose Editor of Touchstones, as well as the Managing Editor and Technical Editor of Essais. Her work has appeared in TouchstonesWarp and WeaveIntersections, and Segullah. Meghan has a passion for words and expects to die with a book in her hands.

Neil Shelley • Managing Editor

Neil is a senior at UVU attempting to complete a Bachelor's in Creative Writing and Literary Studies. He has worked with Touchstones Magazine for three semesters now and looks forward to at least one more. When not reading and writing, he tends to his family, his garden, and his bees, all of which demonstrate a belief in the future.

Donella Walker • Technical Editor

Donella is a senior studying English, Writing Studies BA at UVU. She has been lucky enough to work with Touchstones as an assistant technical editor, Prose Editor, and now as Technical Editor. After her bachelor’s degree, she also plans to pursue an MBA at UVU. Writing, reading, and video game playing often occupy her life outside of school and work, but in her spare time Donella teaches herself Japanese and Korean.

Tanner Vance • PR Manager

In his second year at UVU, Tanner is pursuing a BA in Deaf Studies. In his free time, Tanner can be found working toward fluency in American Sign Language in the hopes of fulfilling his goal to become an interpreter for the deaf. He enjoys photography, graphic design, and rich language, all of which led him to Touchstones.

Mikeum Matthews•
Prose Editor

Rachel Carter-Swan • Poetry Editor

Mikeum is a senior at UVU working towards an English Degree mingled with Digital Media. He hopes to one day work for a publishing house in formatting and designing digital or print media. Till that day he spends his time penny pinching and eating top-roman while writing, editing, and revising his own papers for class. He served on UVU's journal for scholarly endeavours––Essais––for five semesters, culminating in recently being the journal's Editor-in-Cheif. He looks forward to branching out into more creative writing as he works for Touchstones this semester.

 Rachel Carter Swan is junior at UVU and is working toward her BA in Creative Writing and Feminist Studies. She loves taking her kids to the mountains and solo hiking trips in the desert. She believes joy is an act of resistance.

Cyrene Swallow• Art Editor

Cyrene Swallow is a non traditional student here at Utah Valley University.  She has worked on the executive board for a local gallery for two years, has been accepted in the Utah Watercolor Society show twice, won an Award of Merit in Utah Watercolor Society Cache County Chapter, been accepted in Bountiful Davis Statewide Competition twice, painted for numerous theater sets for local theaters and school productions, and taught private lessons. She enjoyed working with the Touchstone Staff last year and being involved in UVU's art culture.