Spring 2017 Submission Deadlines

Writing:  February 7th
Artwork: February 14th


IMPORTANT: If submitting digitally, please submit EACH work using the following nomenclature:


For example, if your name were Joe Smart and you were submitting a piece of poetry entitled "Falling Leaves," the file you send should be named:


If you were submitting a scan or photo of an acrylic on canvas of the same title, then:


PLEASE DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS. This greatly assists us in publishing and archiving your work.


Touchstones only accepts submissions from Utah Valley University students. In order for submissions to be accepted by Touchstones, students may either upload their work through the online submission link(s) below or submit a hard copy directly to the English Department.

Hard copy submissions must include a completed and signed submission form with your work(s), and submitted in an 8.5 x 11 manila envelope by the submissions deadline. Submission forms are available below or in the English and Literature Department, CB 407.

Students may submit poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, illustrated narratives, and/or art, and may submit as many pieces as they like. If you are submitting both written and art work, please fill out both submission forms; you may use one envelope for all of your work.

Submit Online


Download Hard Copy Submission Forms