Reading Night

by Julie Nichols

It’s coming right up! Friday night (Feb 9), in CB 510A, your opportunity to be in on one of the most important (and fun) nights of the journal’s production. This is the first-timer’s introduction to what it means to be on staff. All the submissions are in, and now we bend our collective heads over them to decide what goes in and what…doesn’t. Come one, come all!

In the far distant past, Reading Night was literally an all-nighter. The whole staff hung out at somebody’s apartment. Pizza boxes, soda cans, and even maybe some cans of something a little stronger—I’ll never tell--littered the floor. Manuscripts were tossed from reader to reader, and judgments were shouted aloud all night long. At 4 am, everything looked wonderful. Or maybe everything looked terrible. I can’t remember. But finally, somebody—the advisor, in those days, actually—took home a stack of acceptances and rejects to review, just in case a treasure got overlooked or a dud got accepted by magic. It was the most exhausting night of the year.

Well, until typesetting.

Uh, or until proofing.

Ah, well. Things are not like that now. Things are much more streamlined, much less chaotic. Right, staff?

Come on Friday night, Feb 9, in CB 510A, and see. No one will be turned away. There will be food—right? And lots of manuscripts, electronic and/or print—right? And a chance to evaluate the writing of your peers, to have a say in the content of the Spring 2018 issue of Touchstones, to experience firsthand the collaborative effort that determines the “good, better, best” submissions. To enjoy each other’s company as we work. To understand more fully the editorial process. Right!

How can you not? We’ll all be there, ready to read. Hope you will too. 

See you there! Can’t wait!