Tabling Spring 2018

Another semester of Tabling done, another batch of potential authors and volunteers! It’s my fourth semester tabling for Touchstones, and it’s been a joy to meet UVU’s creative writers and editors. I’ve found wonderful friends in Touchstones’ staff, and it is my hope that the tradition continues long after I’m gone. Tabling is just the start.

This year all three journals worked together even better than they have in the past. We rarely had the table unattended, and rarely did we have only one person sitting for extended periods of time (except on Friday—it was mostly only me there). Thank you to Warp & Weave and Essais for an amazing partnership!

I hope you future authors and volunteers that I met this week stick with us, and I look forward to reading your submissions!

Donella Walker, Touchstones Managing Editor, Spring 2018