New Staff Member Testimonial

For the last few semesters I’d been considering helping with a student journal and this summer, after a little prodding from my wife, I finally applied to join the Touchstones staff. It has been an awesome experience to work with Meghan, Neil, Rachael, and everyone else. I only wish I had joined the team sooner. From the very first meeting I felt welcomed onto the team.

It was a ton of fun  going to Reading Night and getting to read so many of the poems that were submitted. Choosing which to accept on Selection Night was not easy, but Neil led the poetry editors effectively and after many hours we were able to pick the best of the best. For the last couple of weeks we have been working really hard on revisions. This is my first semester with Touchstones and it has been awesome working with the amazing staff and talented authors. I see everything that I’ve learned working on the journal helping me in the future and recommend that anyone considering joining the staff take the leap and apply.

By Seth A. Crandall