Formatting and Frivolity: Inside the Touchstones Revision Completion Party

     Ever wondered what it takes to put together an issue of Touchstones? If you have been reading the blog so far this semester, key aspects of the formation process have been revealed.  But after the reading and revision we come to the part of the journal that is incredibly exciting and brings the team together for a day of planning, formatting, and then playtime!

     On October 14th, the staff of Touchstones met offsite to determine the order of poetry, prose, artwork and the cover for this semester’s edition.  While I won’t reveal the order, or cover to you (we do like surprises after all!), I can tell you that the team came together with an eye to the overall aesthetic of the journal.  Knowing that editors and their staff, along with the editor in chief (Meghan Flinders-Peay) and faculty advisor (Karin Anderson) have carefully considered every single piece of art, prose, and poetry and how they interact with one another within the journal, fills me with a considerable sense of pride for what will be another fantastic collection of the incredible literature and art of the students of UVU.

     Don’t think though, that we are all work and no play.  Once the official business concluded, we disbanded as staff and faculty and came back together as friends.  We played games late into the night, enjoyed fantastic food, and amidst the laughter, enjoyed the opportunity to strengthen the bonds we have been building all semester. 

     While I can’t speak for everyone present, I think it’s fair to say that the revision completion party not only solidifies the fine journal we have compiled, but also cements long term friendships that will persist well into our twilight years.

Touchstones Retreat 2017 Fall.jpg