"Rebel Rebel"—How Creativity is the Ultimate Form of Rebellion

I read on an insightful but lighthearted quote online that goes, “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.” This refrain contributed to the current sculpting of my thoughts on this semester’s issue of Touchstones.

 As we enter the final stages of the editing process, I have been reflecting on all of the pieces, both writing and art, that we have selected for this semester. It is exciting to see the collaborations between authors and editors—to take part as we begin to put the parts of the journal together into a cohesive whole. Every semester brings with it new themes, ideas, and energy, that we as the Touchstones journal staff attempt to capture and assemble. I have been particularly excited to see some of our current selections push boundaries that the journal has been perhaps hesitant to approach before.

This issue will be a good dose of humor, sincerity, and edginess. The balance of beauty and darkness, the traditional and the unconventional, reflects the diverse culture of Utah Valley University’s student body. I believe art should tell the truth, be a little messy, ruffle some feathers; and only after we have broken into new territory can fresh ways of thinking and viewing the world emerge. Utah Valley University has an impressive variety of students with different backgrounds and perspectives—and their creative works reflect this important diversity. I am looking forward to seeing this edition of Touchstones come together, and I can’t wait to share the talents of the varied artists and writers we have selected for this issue.  

Amanda Steele, Touchstones Prose Editor


Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman