Submissions Deadline and Reading Night Are a Thing of Tomorrow

If you have a piece of prose or poetry that you would like published, you are just in time to submit to Touchstones this semester as the deadline is tomorrow, Feb 11. And don't worry about choosing among the pieces you have, because you are allowed to submit as many as you want. Who knows, you might just get something published. What could you lose? 

One unique thing about our journal is that once we publish your piece, we give the rights and ownership back to you, so you may submit it and publish it again to another journal. What's also cool is that if we accept your piece, we will workshop it with you like crazy, giving you the chance to make it ooze amazing, remarkable David-Bowie-magic-dancing effect and meaning. After publishing with us, you're poised to go higher. Why not send it to The New Yorker, Ploughshares, or Tin House. 

Also, whether or not you submit, all Utah Valley University students are invited to our open reading night, which is the day after submissions: Friday the 12th. The night works like this: each piece is read through by at least three real regular Utah Valley University students who will each evaluate the piece and determine whether they believe it is Touchstones worthy. After every piece has been read by three people, we have a discussion about them. Joining us on this night gives you experience with all types of prose and poetry that have been written at all types of skill levels. It gives you the chance to see what kind of writing really stands out, and why.  Your writing can't avoid improving after a night like reading night. And, tons of professors will give you extra-credit just for attending. You should ask if yours will. Maybe we'll see you there. 

Justin Duckwitz

Touchstones PR Manager