Looking into the Spring

           Passing through each semester, we swing from one vine to the next. As we’re in the down stroke of spring, we anticipate the momentous journey that the staff and student body are about to embark on. Last fall, the Touchstones journal staff made a lot of progress which we want to continue with this spring issue.

            Last semester, Jordan Freytag lead as Editor-in-Chief and helped us connect as a creative writing staff. The fall 2015 issue brought the creative writing community together at UVU. Now, as Editor-in-Chief for the spring issue I can say we’re more excited than ever considering how far we’ve come as a journal. We plan to keep building the strong sense of community, as well as reaching out to new writers and artists. We want to urge and welcome the student body to submit their creative works and be a part of the journal.

            We’ve updated the Touchstones website and will actively post on our blog each week this semester. Every member of our editing staff will have a chance to write and post about their thoughts. We invite you to be involved in our crafted literary journal, whether it be submitting your prose, poetry, creative nonfiction, or art of any medium. If anyone is interested in a valuable experience as a writer and editor, then come to reading night where you can help vote for the published pieces. Anyone who is willing to come help at reading night will be credited for their work in the journal and will also be considered for future staff positions. Submission deadlines for writing is Feb.11th by 11:59 pm. Reading night is Feb.12th in room 206a in the SC building at 6:00 pm. Art submissions are due by Feb.25th by 11:59 pm.

We look forward to your creative work and hope to see you at reading night.


Caitlin LaVange.

Editor-in-Chief, Touchstones